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This morning while wasting time networking on Twitter one of my favorite SEO link builders tweeted about Mike Halvorsen.  Apparently Mike, like most other SEOs that take client work wanted to rank for his local area searches.  This is done all the time all over the world, but in this case Joe Rozsa has decided that he owns the words SEO Columbus.

It doesn’t seem to matter that there is no registered trademark with the state, nor that both those terms are too generic to really be trademarked. In going to Mike’s website I have NO confusion about who he is, I know from reading his site that he is a SEO in the Columbus area, and not part of the company SEO Columbus. (How lame is it to name your company that way, good thing you got the exact match domain too Joe cause I think your going to have ranking problems in the near future.)  It goes to the heart of what is really wrong with a lot of America today.  It’s the need to threaten or browbeat a competitor instead of being a better service or product.  Joe has decided instead of making sure he keeps his #1 ranking in the SERPs by hard work, he will threaten Mike with an incredible weak arguments in my opinion.  (As a side note I have no training as a lawyer, but I deal with a ton of TM issues in my in-house position with usage of our name and images)

If you read the emails from Joe they are the slimy kind of thing you would expect from someone who is the worst in the industry, veiled threats all the while telling you that he is only doing it for your own good. Joe even manages to do a semi name drop by being condescending enough to tell Mike, “Heck, you’ve probably seen me speak at a conference somewhere.“, it just goes to show there are so many ass hats in this field who get speaking engagements. Anyone in the Columbus area looking for a good SEO I would heartily recommend Mike Halvorsen, simply because not only is he good at what he does he doesn’t need to make threats to rank.

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  1. Ken™ says

    Joe Rosza’s KaLor Technology website has a link for ‘Best Practices.’ Here is verbatim the wording from the ‘Best Practices’ page on the KaLor Technology website.

    HOME > SEO Best Practices
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