MCTS: Windows Vista – Configuration

I passed the 70-620 exam today to earn my first new generation Microsoft certification.  All in all the exam was what I thought it would be, with only a few surprising questions that I would consider just useless :)

Soon as the MCP site gets my score uploaded you should see the new logo on the left nav under my MCP logo.  Nothing like a vanity website!  I am now one of currently 36,650 that hold this certification according to the Microsoft site.

The end goal for the moment is the MCITP: Enterprise Administrator, so I am going to start working towards that now.  Ill keep you posted!

Windows Vista 64-Bit

So I was listening to Paul Thurrott and Leo Laporte on Windows Weekly podcast Sunday night and they are talking about Vista 64 and how most of the driver issues have been resolved.  Well I never installed a 64-bit OS even though I have hardware for it, so I decided to go ahead and do it on my XPS 420 machine I just got a few months back.  It has 4GB of RAM and a Intel Quad Core chip in it. I currently use this machine to host my virtual machines and to also create the videos.

So first thing first I logon to my technet subscription to get a x64 ISO for Vista Ultimate, I already have a license key so we are good there.

I then hit Dell and grab a copy of the 64-bit drivers for all my hardware that came installed with the XPS.  I also burn this to a CD for later use.

I ran a manual backup of all my virtual machine files and videos using Windows Home Server

And then…. I get too busy to do it.  So I wait till today… August 5th… my birthday to make a bold move into the 64-bit world.

And the result has been…. GREAT!  Install was smooth, my must need apps work well, I am running a restore on my virtual machines (about 36GB) through Home Server Console (Power Pack 1 Upgrade needed!)

So far so good… now I am looking at buying another 4GB of RAM to upgrade to 8GB total…