QuickBooks 2009 & Windows 7 Part II

So I tried everything I could think of to overcome the PDF printing issue that Intuit caused with the R9 update of 2009, to no avail.  On a lark i went in and tried it on the 32-bit version of the image I use and amazingly enough it works again.  Luckily I only on have 3 users that use QB and 2 of them will go away soon as I implement the new order processing system.  Not the best solution, but for the users and myself it works and is easily fixed at a later time once they get their act together. 

Quickbooks 2009 & Windows 7

I will be the first to admit that I am not a big fan of Quickbooks.  I think Intuit has some serious issues in its business ethics and I have vowed to never personally use their products.  I am in house at a small company in Chicago that has used Quickbooks since about 2004, and was currently using QB 2006.  We use it for payroll and was notified earlier in the year that we would have to upgrade to Quickbooks 2009 to support a payroll change they were rolling out.  If we didn’t change payroll would stop working, as I like getting paid I started the ball rolling on making the change.  We purchased the upgrade and were merrily on our way.

Now the fun part… we are doing a roll out of Windows 7 in conjunction with a hardware refresh.  I am now coming to find out that QB 2009 will not support Windows 7, you will need to upgrade to QB 2010.  I call foul. Intuit goes ahead and forces everyone who uses online services to upgrade to QB 2009 in the first half of the year, but doesnt mention that it wont support an OS whose launch date is in the same year.  Not only that, but I have had a beta at on my machine since early Jan, so Intuit had all the time in the world to notify its user base this would happen.  

The best part is I HAD Windows 7 and Quickbooks 2009 running well together and with no problem.  UNTIL….. QB pushed out R9 and now all of a sudden it no longer works for my users and Intuit refuses to support QB 2009 and Windows 7 telling us it is a mandatory upgrade.  FUN!  I think I might have a work around for the problems I am having now with the R9 update, if it works I will post what it did.  After that I will try to find if there is an equivalent product that we can move to that isn’t quite as unethical as Intuit.

Windows 7, Configuration Certified! Passed Beta Exam 71-680

So I got the email this morning that proudly states:

Congratulations on earning your Windows 7, Configuration certification!

If you remember from a previous post I took the 71-680 beta exam back in early June. I was glad to get confirmation, and it didn’t even take that long really. Im just happy to have it out of the way, and I was glad to be able to give feedback on the exam and hopefully help refine the process.

Exam 71-680 Windows 7, Configuration Passed!

Windows 7 Beta Exam 71-680

Well it has been quite a while since I started playing with Windows 7 by installing it on my main production machine, and recently I have reinstalled it to put RC on.  I have to say that I am very much liking Windows 7 on almost all fronts.  When I heard about the beta exam for 71-680 from the MS Learning blog Born To Learn, I called in to secure one of the limited spots available.  I was lucky to grab one and quickly scheduled for today May 6th.
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A Week With Windows 7 Beta

So it has been a little over a week since I decided that I was going to really give Windows 7 a workout during its Beta phase.  Instead of using a virtual machine that I would have to really be thinking about using, I decided that i would install it on my day to day laptop that I do most of my consulting and article writing on.  This would give me a much better idea of what the true Windows 7 experience is.

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