Block Yahoo Web Chat

Another set of users were using the Yahoo web chat instead of doing what we are paying them for so I needed to block them also. There are a lot of useless and out of date messages posed about this but I finally figured it out, and the answer was close to what I did to disable gmail chat:

I setup my DNS with two primary domains for:


I then set a host record for those to go to

After that they couldn’t chat no more!

Block Gmail web Chat

Because it seems lately I am more a babysitter for users than a network admin, we have had some new employees abuse the google gmail chat feature.  We also use Google Apps, but I had already disabled chat through the settings interface for the domain.

Unfortunately these users were logging in to their personal gmail accounts to chat it up.  Google will give you the answer you want at the following URL: which will tell you to:

  • To block Gmail chat:
  • To block iGoogle and orkut chat:
  • To block the Google Talk client and other desktop clients: and

So I plugged this into my router web content filter and it worked, except it leaves a little help link to a help article that tells you to login through a secured connection https:.  For some reason my router would not block that, so I went in to my DNS servers and created a primary zone for and pointed it to and jsut like that it was blocked for both http & https.

Next up…. Yahoo Chat!