P90 Week 1

I started to post daily, but felt that was getting a bit repetitive, so decided to switch weekly.  As you know I have been working on my fitness using P90 from Beachbody which is meant as a “beginner workout” to get you used to the activity.  I also used the 6 day shred diet that comes with P90.  I worked out every morning according to their schedule, and kept close to the diet except for Friday night (Halloween) where the bowl of candy overwhelmed my willpower!

Today is the rest day, I jumped on the scale and came in at 244.4, which is down exactly 5 pounds from Monday.  Very excited so far, and will keep pushing forward.  The diet becomes a little less restrict now, I just have to keep my calories under my stable level so hopefully I wont lose my willpower there.

Cya in a week!

P90 – Day One

Not going to lie… today was rough!  I am doing the Cardio track for P90, and I actually think the initial workout is less than the older Power 90 version was.  I am guessing that is because its broken up in to 3 difficulty levels compared to the older on that had 2 so they had to carry the difficulty a bit more.

I woke up early (5:45am) and got my workout in so it wouldn’t affect my usual routine with the kids, as I said it was a little lighter than I thought but still had me sweating so I felt good about it.  Im writing this about 9pm and I can definitely feel some of the soreness now.

The biggest change is DIET!  At my weight according to what I read if I wanted to maintain my weight it would be 2500 calories a day with my sitting on my butt job.  I am doing the “6-Day Shred” that comes with P90 to “kickstart” your diet change.  The first day of the shred limits your intake to 1200 calories, and no processed foods or soda/sugar.  I am being very strict with the diet, and I am getting minor headaches (from no sugar I am thinking) but I know from the past that these will pass in a day or so as my body resets.

The biggest challenge is the social triggers that I never think of… for instance one of the ladies at work always brings some candy to share at the weekly meeting… or at Xander’s TKD workout one of the other dads always shares a bag of skittles, having to turn down these treats I usually go after was difficult, but I am glad I did.  No cheating as I want to be fully committed to the change.

Hopefully I can keep my resolve!

I am using the fitbit app to track my food/water intake, for the day I am at 1,089 calories and 109.4 ounces of water!  I had to charge the fitbit today, but Ill have step counts moving forward!

Thanks for following along, see you tomorrow

Back Into The Breach Once More….

A few years ago, I had great success in losing weight and was doing pretty well for almost a full year of keeping the weight off.  Then I ended up with a double hernia and was off my feet for awhile after the surgery, and I never quite got back into the swing of things working out again, let my diet go back to crap. My weight has slowly been creeping back up, but I think enough is enough.    I have decided to do the new P90 program from BeachBody that was just released.  I say new but really it is a refresh of the original Power 90 program which is made for those that may not be ready for the P90X series.

P90 90-Day Body Transformation for Everyone

The program has a menu book, and a starting “6-Day Shred” menu that I went out and did all the shopping for today.  I also took my start pics, and did my measurements.

Weight: 249.4 (Never went over 250!)
Chest: 45
Waist: 43
Arms(R/L): 14/14.25
Thighs(R/L): 26.25/25.75

I have had some starts and stops since I got sick, but I want to go all in this time and make sure I am pushing myself to keep on the program, I feel its time and I am ready.  I have some goals I want to do which I hope will motivate me to keep going.

Goal #1

I want to get back into my training with TKD so I can share that with the kids.  I coach Xander at his competitions, but I want to get my black belt and try a few competitions with Xander.  How can I expect to be the best coach I can be for him without having the same experience.  I also had a dream awhile ago where after Xander was older and if he stayed with TKD, that he would want to open a school and I would partner with him to run the back of the business and let him run the school.  Probably silly as who knows what he will want in 10 years from now, but hey what better way to be in business than with your son.

Goal #2

Tough Mudder!  I want to try my hand at this race which has a Chicago running each year, hopefully I can get a few friends to join in to run as a team.  Elizabeth giggled at me when I told her this goal, but hopefully I can prove to her it can be done.

Its a 90 day program, I am going to try and blog for the full 90 days, discussing the workout and how I feel about the program and to track my food intake.

Certified Social Media Expert – O RLY?

o-rlySo recently a social media “expert” was brought into my world by circumstances and I was as always curious about anyone who claims to be a “Certified Social Media Expert”.  It’s bad enough that anyone with a Facebook & Instagram account calls themselves social media experts, but now here is a certified one.  So I started looking into the certifying body, which turned out to be Hootsuite.  Now I love me some Hootsuite and recommend it to most of the people I work with for handling their social media platforms especially if there is going to be more than one person working in an account so they aren’t doubling up on each other in responding. With that being said, being Hootsuite certified qualifies you pretty much to use Hootsuite.  I decided for fun to try for the certification, and a short time later (under an hour) I can now bill myself as a CERTIFIED SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERT!!!!

Now I am not going to name names on this person because quite frankly they may be a great social media consultant, though if your lead in to your bio is that your Hootsuite qualified then maybe not lol.  The point of this is that you have to really look past the “Sizzle” to the substance of any certifications or claims by any consultant you are bring in to work on your brand.  Check out their work to see if it’s something you would want representative, if there are really clear signals coming through their branding.  If they are using nothing but doublespeak and “certifications” to sell themselves you should be raising a red flag.

Trying out Genesis 2.0!

Genesis Framework for WordPressSo I have been seeing some posts that Genesis 2.0 was released recently by StudioPress and specifically the new theme Sixteen Nine, which has all kinds of nifty features like HTML5 and Mobile responsive, I also liked the very clean look which I know Brian Gardner is a big fan of from his tweets.  I have had my old theme up for awhile so I figured why not try the upgrade and see what happens.

The upgrade from the Genesis framework point of view went pretty quickly, I never had a lot of custom hooks so I didn’t foresee any big issues.  I then went in and switched out the child theme and I was able to do the basic setup pretty quickly so all in all I had everything switched out in just a few minutes.  I almost didn’t do the switch because it was already pretty late but I figured the worse that could happen is that I could back out to the old theme.

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Rotolight uses DMCA to claim ”Infringement” on Review it didn’t like

Update Aug 1st 2013

Rotolight has issued a “Official Statement” on the recent press they have been receiving.  You can go to their site to see it I want link to it.  It basically boils down to 4 paragraphs of self promotion with one paragraph of “someone” else told us to do it, here is some free stuff for Den leave us alone… think of our families!  Not exactly the mea culpa I would have thought a company would do.  The fact is this is now the 3RD story we have heard from the company on why they took the action, each of them different… first it was trade mark, then it was not a representative test, now it is the unit was faulty!  What a crock… what none of this still addresses is the fact a DMCA was file with Vimeo, even though in their statement they blame everyone else for reporting that they issue was copyright.  You know why would anyone think that since you used something called Digital Millennium Copyright Act to get the video removed.  It seems that Rotolight is blaming a whole lot of others for their actions.

Ken White at Popehat has a lot more questions on his post Rotolight Tries To Unring The Censorious Bell including evidence from a commentator that the Rotolight CEO’s Wife is an entertainment lawyer who wrote a book on copyright law, so I would think pleading ignorance would be ludicrous.

The video that started this all has been reinstated by vimeo, I take it that Den filed the Counter DMCA you can see it here: Kino Flo Celeb vs Rotolight Anova side by side test  Looking at the stats, it has had more places since it went back up then it had the entire time it was live.

Original Article

DMCA CATWhile spending some time on my Facebook feed I came across a post I missed earlier by a friend of mine Den Lennie talking about censorship from a test he did on some lights.  It would seem that the company Rotolight didn’t fare as well as they would have liked and decided to file a DMCA notice with Vimeo.  This is a disturbing trend that companies are trying to use to remove tests that they don’t like, and even bigger brands are trying to use it as GoPro tried to do with a review it didn’t like.  Though GoPro upper management realized it stepped in it and backtracked a bit saying it was just the images they were filing on not the review content. [Read more…]


Jailbreak-iDB-IconSo as a geeky tech guy you would have thought I would be lining up to jailbreak my iPhone but honestly I just never had a need to do it.  Until now!  I needed additional call management features that iBlacklist has but Apple has decided to no allow it in the App store.  So that led me to do some quick reading on the subject of jail breaking your iPhone and outside of voiding your warranty I couldn’t see any reason not to.  I ended up using the evasi0n program to do the jailbreak and it was super simple and easy, nothing to fear here!

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A New Direction

In the past I used this site as a portal for my consulting work along with industry related posts.  Since I have been in house for almost 5 years now, with limited consulting roles I don’t nearly post as often.  I have usually done most of my personal posts on Facebook, but I feel that is limiting and useful for quick updates only.  I want to use this space to do a much better job of posting personal and professional things.  I have gotten away from writing too much in the last few years and would like to have that outlet again.  Hopefully I can keep up with a better posting schedule then I had in the past and keep up to date with things going on with the family and me!

Recommended Reading: Killer Facebook Ads by Marty Weintraub

If you have never gotten the opportunity to see Marty Weintraub from AimClear speak you are missing out.  I have seen him several times and it is always an informative session with actionable tips given by Marty.  Your in luck though if you arent heading out to any of the major conferences soon, Marty has had a new book released a little bit ago so you can get some of those great tips without actually having to travel.

Killer Facebook Ads: Master Cutting-Edge Facebook Advertising Techniques is a great read that will give you the ability to get your Facebook advertising to a whole new level.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I was a little behind in getting my Facebook ads up to snuff performance wise compared to my other platforms.  That’s why when I saw @aimclear mention that it was up for preorder I quickly had it in my shopping cart and was waiting for delivery.

It was well worth the wait and though I haven’t finished it yet, I can confidently say that it is worth picking up if you have any intentions of running Facebook ads, or are currently running them and want to boost performance.  I won’t insult Marty by putting any of his work for free here on the blog, do yourself a favor and pick it up yourself!

Disclaimer: Thanks to IL Governor Quinn, I am no longer an affiliate for Amazon, the links above to the book are straight links, and this post was done out of admiration for Marty’s work